Warlock – Evil

Warlock Evil

Warlock – Evil Lyrics

Artist: Warlock
Song: Evil

Blood on every corner
Sex and crime for all
The people are too blind to see
The writing on the wall

They cannot see, they cannot feel
They cannot understand
The Evil one will change the world
Into his promised land

The demon’s heat, the evil creep
Creatures of hell
The day is near when he will come
To take my mind as well

The return of the satanic one is near
Heaven’s fear:
This Evil!

Is heating up in every brain
This Evil!
Will rage like a mad hurricane
So come on and shout

Come to me, watch out
We are children of the night
Like restless demons we will fight
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Warlock Lyrics – Evil

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Release Year: 2016

Warlock - Evil (1985)