Vulkan – This Visual Hex

Vulkan This Visual Hex

Vulkan – This Visual Hex Lyrics

Artist: Vulkan
Song: This Visual Hex

So this man walked up to me and asked me what it’s like
Being part of this illusion you people call life
I replied in hidden tongue there’s more than what you see
We even have a second life in what we call a screen

Days go by like lullabies and we make sure to share, every single moment of everything we feel and see
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Wake up make up your identity for just this day. Will you turn into a suit or will you be the clown
Walk out head first witnessing the copies of yourself

Take one out, just to see, how it splits in two new shells
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Government policies, visual sorcery
I refuse your noose. Extra price lunacy, latest trend agencies

Our own age is plagued by over-sized megalomaniacs enterprises
De-railed, no wait
Destiny making seeds planted into your dreams

While the wall gets higher, the lower bends down to pick up the ladders from the ground
While the wall grows wider, the weaker lends a brick to finish his side of, what is tumbling down
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Vulkan Lyrics – This Visual Hex

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Release Year: 2020