Various Artists – Master P – Plan B

Various Artists Master P - Plan B

Various Artists – Master P – Plan B Lyrics

Artist: Various Artists
Song: Master P – Plan B

-Check this out uhhhh
-I mean
-you ever had one of them gangsta relationships
-I mean like, nobody don’t have to gisnote

I can be your n#gg#
He can be you man
You don’t have to leave him
Everybody need a back-up plan

Jump in my 97 Hummer and riside
You be Ms Bonnie, I’ll be Mr. Clyde
Together we be catchin g’s
Flipping keys, smokin weed

It’s all about you and me
Causing major pain on this dope game
You be Halle Berry
I’ll be the ghetto Damon Wayans

In charge like the Lakers
You got your pink 380
I got my black nine for the haters
My homies call you that n#gg#

But you my b#tch
Since we banging, I guess we one click
You be that n#gg# that I drink with
And you don’t even trip if i was to let a freak kiss

You give me rubbers so I can stay strapped
You say you can’t catch no f#cking rat
Without a mouse trap
So we be kicking it like g’s

Its a drought, but you got a connect on some keys
You roll up the ?? and drink 40s’
You’ll whoop any b#tch at any ghetto party
We walk past security cause you got the strap

And when my homies see ya
You the only female they give dap
You the only n#gg# that I’ll kiss
Make love to and still do some gangsta sh#t with

Like Menace to Society we kick it
I’m Kane, you my thug like Ms Jada Pinkett
I lays back and chill
Why you ills with the hotties

I’m numero uno in your eyes honey poppi
Yo lady Gotti
Thugged out, hooriding ready to kill
Yet make me feel like others can’t with my sex appeal

Be riding ghetto thrills
But still the b#tch behind the trigger
The b#tch about her scrilla
The b#tch to smack her n#gg#

If the tone faintly rises in his voice
The choice is mine
When it comes to haters living or dying
Blueprinted crimes illustrated by your baby

The unlady like mistress
Be all about illicit business
b#tches witness us together looking tenderly
But to scared to tell wifey, for fear of me

I’m only trying to be the one with the green papers
Bounce on the dick and help me pull off a mean caper
That’s why you praise the biggest mama and you care
Other hoes get x’d out in what we share yeah

I give you rubbers for your friends for show
Take me shopping tomorrow
Short change them hoes
Save them 3 more nuts for me

Alize, hot tubs and an ounce of weed
Please, there’s not a jealous bone in my body
Take me off to Jamaica
Then take your wifey to (aloha) Hawaii

I don’t mind being number 2
You keep more ice on my hands and wrists
Than an ink blue
And if it all falls through you still got me

Yout true b#tch n#gg# down to hustle
From plan be
Like that n#gg#
Like that n#gg#

But only if you bout it
Master P: Only if you bout it
I can be your mistress
You can keep your wifey

I understand
I’m all good with this back-up plan
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Various Artists Lyrics – Master P – Plan B

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Release Year: 1997