VÂN SCOTT – Taylor


VÂN SCOTT – Taylor Lyrics

Song: Taylor

Taylor’s not the name of my guitar
She’s a girl that came and stole my heart
And she’s never quite returned it in the years we’ve been apart
Loving anybody else has been so hard

No, Taylor’s not the name of my guitar
My first kiss was on her parents’ couch
Pretty soon all that we’d do was just make out
We’d watch the sun come up and then go sneaking through the house

I’d drive away before her dad came down
I’d drive away the coolest kid in town
I can picture her with long and flowing hair
A flawless, Swedish blonde, she was the fairest of the fair

She could really be a weirdo, but so could I – we didn’t care
With her there was just something in the air
We had ourselves the perfect love affair
Why it had to end, I have no clue

She dumped me in her backyard, by the pool
I never got a reason, at least not one I felt was true
But one month later, she was dating my friend, Drew
I remember thinking that was so uncool

Taylor’s not the name of my guitar
It feels less like a name and more of a scar
I’ve never quite recovered in the years we’ve been apart
If she ever shared her name with my guitar

That would mean I could hold Taylor all I want
But Taylor’s still a name that breaks my heart
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VÂN SCOTT Lyrics – Taylor

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Release Year: 2002