UneXpect – Ethereal Dimensions

UneXpect Ethereal Dimensions

UneXpect – Ethereal Dimensions Lyrics

Artist: UneXpect
Song: Ethereal Dimensions

Pass the life unconscious
The entire light is never seen
By the one who close his eyes
On the sad reality of conception

So years of false truth
Guide existence on a reveir of deceits
Ethereal dimensions
Strange worlds of the Vortex

Black holes are the mysterious passages
For mystic places between the stars
(Other forms of life grow silently
Strings of еxistence make thе sound of a sweet melody)

Essence of light creates the source
Creatures feel the ethereal energy
The twilight time of solitude and tranquility
Neutrality, law of the balance

Who commands the Equilibrium
For the unwinding of time
Debalanced by the weight of wickedness
Convert the beings who became corruptible

Construct on the columns of a unique kingdom
Going on a never-ending road
Going in a vicious circle
Spiritual abolishment of the forces of nature

Loyalty, disorder, ethereal dimensions
Walking the edges of middleness
On these plans where the soul is dreamless
Wondering where the Thinkers hide

On the fringe of total madness
Pawns of this futile gods-mode game of chess
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UneXpect Lyrics – Ethereal Dimensions

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