Underdose – Into the Grave

Underdose Into the Grave

Underdose – Into the Grave Lyrics

Artist: Underdose
Song: Into the Grave

Huh! Huh!
I know something’s growing inside
Growing and blooming ’til we part
I know something’ll just contain

Inside lies the answer
Until we messed up
Then start again
Start again

Don’t need speech or colours
Up the leather rules agaaaiiiin
Down, down, oh
Into me

Down, down, oh
Into my grave
All good just falling to your lies

It’s run the beast dead—I wouldn’t mind
We could be ourselves for a while
Say what we meaning
Not just another… unspoken thought

Talk to me…s?
Need to free myself from this
To be taken there
Down, down, now

Down, down, no
Lost all we made, we made
It’s gone
Stuck in hatе

Love, despair
I grow pain
I detain
To knooooowwww
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Underdose Lyrics – Into the Grave

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Release Year: 2020