Ugolino – By the Canal

Ugolino By the Canal

Ugolino – By the Canal Lyrics

Artist: Ugolino
Song: By the Canal

Sitting by the canal, it’s late Thursday evening
Kick a naggin’ down the deep end
Scoot next to me heavy breathing
Saying, “Gimme a f#ckin’ half-decent reason

To keep falling through these seasons”
The sun’s setting and I haven’t said much
You’re flicking your broken lighter with your half-painted thumb
I hand you mine

So you mutter a thanks
And spark up that Marlboro touch
You tell me that you didn’t have it so good
Parents split, broken home, didn’t learn much about love

And how now in relationships you’re not so good with that stuff
I say, “I’m sorry to hear, that must be pretty rough”
Watch you take a longer sip than the timе before
Ask me what I’m doing just sitting hеre but I ignore

I ask you more about yourself, what you’re doing with your life
You say, “What does that matter anyway? ’Cause we’re all gonna die”
“Might as well spend our time as we please
You wanna know what gets me off? Is it the smoke? Is the drink? Is it the keys?

Is it sitting here with you pretending to care about your life
Just so I don’t have to focus on mine even just for the night?”
“Oh,” she says, “you didn’t hear what you wanted to, right?
You gonna call me no good because I’m drunk and I’m high?

And my family didn’t love me, I’ve been broken since five
That’s a good enough reason to stay away from girls like me, right?”
“You’re all the f#cking same, you f#cking lads
Think yous understand but you don’t have a clue what it’s like for us

Piss off anyway you boring prick
Ugly f#cking loser”
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Ugolino Lyrics – By the Canal

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Release Year: 2023