I made a mess of my body but saying the eye
I take it straight to the and now I walk like a zombie
I’m spilling blood on the sand, too many I’m relaxing
If you p#ss# m#th*rf#ck*rs tryna save me I’m laughing

Serving coke in the whip with an onlyfans b#tch
All the pills been a cause she got them tied in Mexico
Feel the dip, now she brushing my
She slide all on my clip, I say “baby, don’t trip”

Can’t talk, blow up, that sh#t be dancing in my skull
That’s, it taste like soap, yeah that’s my f#cking antidote
She got tats on her face, yeah that sh#t look like a target
She say baby “here, sit, this Calvin Klein has a ” [okay

I hit on her hip when that sh#t hit with the drips
I start to understand how you got so hooked on this sh#t
So you a crazy b#tch, I walk inside where she lying
You got me too f#cked up, digging out of this habit

I’m diving, imma wait at the
When choking on my tongue, she’s say “guess you speaking Latin”, what’s up
Stay away from it all, I tried to tie up, no more
Seven-six-two scope, see his bones go

Safe in a hole, live long, stay cold
Casket closed, ’til the bag gets thrown, no
[Lights out, won’t hide
Dead weight, no cold front

Aim, cut, that soul’s done
No false love when they stay with us
So we ghost, two guns up and I sold my soul
Reach no light, new shine, no hope

Same old walls, won’t face these ghosts
b#tch, that’s life, from the grave I know
I keep falling down
Last place without a heart around

Left in the ground
Stay laid to rest where I’m bleeding out
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Release Year: 2022