Tunnel Vision – Blindside

Tunnel Vision Blindside

Tunnel Vision – Blindside Lyrics

Artist: Tunnel Vision
Song: Blindside

Chained to the echo chamber of false validation
Suppress the means to every end of every thought you’ve ever had
Detrimental pseudo beckoning disparity
Feeding off the vanity the verification machine bleeds

Conform, abomination
Rotting between the ears
Decimating common sense
Pretension is the cutting edge

Obsession to be righteous
The finest, the first to fall
Concealing indemnity
Falling over your own feet

A fragment of humanity
Lost forever
Numb every corner of my mind
Catatonic on the blind side

You will never need to think again
Every thought you need is placed between your fingertips
You will never need to see again
All the hollow vapid b#llsh#t’s being force-fed down your f#cking neck
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Tunnel Vision Lyrics – Blindside

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Release Year: 2019