Treble Charger – Half Down

Treble Charger Half Down

Treble Charger – Half Down Lyrics

Artist: Treble Charger
Song: Half Down

Don’t ask me why, I don’t know
I can’t explain it in words you can say
Probably why 〈.?.〉 stay low
I just ignore it and hope it all goes away

You play along half the time
Turn it half down on the radio
If there’s a fly in your lines
I’m not convincing enough to just let it go

I don’t believe that you’ve tried
I’ve listened all while you’re still putting me down
Haven’t you gone way too far?
I said that it’s fine what you do to me now

I said that it’s fine
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Treble Charger Lyrics – Half Down

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Treble Charger - Half Down