The Maniacs – Bum MC’s

The Maniacs Bum MC's

The Maniacs – Bum MC’s Lyrics

Artist: The Maniacs
Song: Bum MC’s

Can you dig it?
That’s right, dig it
Don’t take no shorts
Getting paid

〈.?.〉 hit ’em low, no pain, no pain
I used to lend you money and give you shoes
Now you wanna battle? you’re gonna lose
You’re nothing but a bum, you come from the slum

My name is tricky vic and i’m number one
You never have no money or clothes on your back
You and your girl, you always smoke crack
Riding in my car or at the train station

You are known to be a big frustration
Hit ’em, no pain, no pain
Ice cream, ice cream, soda pop
All you bum mcs, i make you drop

You mess with t-ski, the mic devastator
I smash you up like a mashed potato
Listen, play with me, bum, if you want to
I eat up you and your whole crew

Pеople call me the nеw rap king
Of rapping and movies and magazines
I eat up any bum mc that wants to battle
Since the day of birth i gave them a rattle

I don’t play no games when i’m on the mic
I destroy mcs that i don’t like
’cause they’re always biting when they’re on the mic
How could you become a mc overnight, kick it

You ain’t right
Hit ’em low, no pain, no pain
My name is tony rome, i’m the king of the crop
You bum mcs, i’ll make your heart stop

You mess with tony rome, the microphone champ
Well, i take your girl and 〈.?.〉
Well, she’s a tramp (oh no), she’s a ho (oh no)
Well, i took her to the tony rome… (oh yeah)

’cause i’m the microphone champ heavyweight of the world
If you get me real mad, i take your girl
You bum mcs can’t deal with me
’cause i’m the king, i said can’t you see

Like a peanut in shelf, i break in two
You bum mcs, you all are through
And i’m coming, i’m coming to get you…sucker
Cutmaster dc!

Funky fresh
T-ski, hit ’em low, no pain, no pain!
I’m the king of showbiz and don’t sniff no coke
I’m gonna prove to you now whose rhymes are dope

You wanna battle me, let the battle begin
I never knew you but now i never knew you then
You just a bum mc from around the corner
Never brought no soda, only drinking water

You told me you could rock the microphone
But when you said “ho” the people went home
Like crackerjack, you’re the surprise
Nobody’s there in front of your eyes

Like wink-a-pink, peek-a-boo
Nobody’s here standing with you
So you better go home while the people foam
Why, fellas, t-ski rhymes are dope

Alakapoof, alakazam
Somebody saw your girl at the wic program
Standing on the line, waiting for her milk check
Her ten kids don’t give her no respect

She got a kid over here, a kid over there
When she leave wic she’s going to the welfare
A girl in the welfare asked for some gum
She said “i don’t have it ’cause my husband is a bum”

Every time i see her, she look at me funny
I know what it is, she wanna borrow some money
I just can’t fight it, i just can’t hack it
You never gave me back my yankee jacket

Tony rome, hit ’em low, no pain, no pain!
Well, i 〈.?.〉 broken down to you 〈.?.〉 give you the fact
You bum mcs never been on wax
Like a horse that runs around the racetrack

You’re just a bum with a number on the back
Yo, bum, that’s right, that’s what i said
If you wanna battle tone i’ll put you to bed
My rap’s 〈.?.〉 like a nuclear war

I’ll take you out and you won’t run no more
And there was five mcs (knocking at my door)
And then i rocked one (and then there were four)
And there was four mcs (trying to compete)

And then i rocked the other (and then there were three)
And there was three mcs (trying to be down)
And then i rocked two (there was one in the town)
And there was one mc (trying to be down by law)

And then i rocked 〈.?.〉 (and there wasn’t no more)
Dc, matter of fact, thanks for the cuts, man
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The Maniacs Lyrics – Bum MC’s

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Release Year: 2022