The Katinas – Home

The Katinas Home

The Katinas – Home Lyrics

Artist: The Katinas
Song: Home

My heart is racing
Mind full of questions
Bound by the chains
I can’t go on

I’ve lost my way
Searching for answers
Where can I go
Is it over

Whoever you are
Wherever you’ve been
It don’t matter to him
This is love turn around

Come on home
Whoever you are
Whatever you’ve done
There is room for everyone this is love

The time is now
Come on home
This is the day
Don’t be ashamed

The Saviors love
Is waiting for you
His amazing grace
Is breaking all of the chains now I’m free

Now I’m free
Today I’m saved
Saved by grace
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The Katinas Lyrics – Home

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From the album:
Home (feat. Ela Katina)
Release Year: 2018