The Big Geraniums – Feel So Very Old

The Big Geraniums Feel So Very Old

The Big Geraniums – Feel So Very Old Lyrics

Artist: The Big Geraniums
Song: Feel So Very Old

Well tomorrows sky’s are filled with yesterday’s dreams
And the milk in the kitchen has gone sour
Well I’m feeling pretty weary and worn out at the seams
And my head feels too big for my body

When I get this feeling that my head’s too big
Could it be the turning of the tides
Well it could be the moon of something up above
But the sky looks very big and very wilde

When I try to find some comfort in the few things that I own
I realise I’ve thrown it all away
For some idea or some idеal of the life I want to lead
It givеs me some comfort anyway

Pick me up, I’m feeling down
Pick me up, I’m feeling down
Warm my bones beside the fire
Cos I feel so very old today
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The Big Geraniums Lyrics – Feel So Very Old

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Release Year: 1995