Stoic & Reyan – YANI

Stoic & Reyan YANI

Stoic & Reyan – YANI Lyrics

Artist: Stoic & Reyan
Song: YANI

The days are gettin’ shorter, the nights are gettin’ harder
They don’t know where I been at, feel like Mr. Carter
I pray for all my people, I pray the kids get smarter
I pray for y’all to shut up, we gotta listen harder

Mannnnn I miss my grandmother
Tears streaming down my face as my hands cover
The fans smother the stands this all apart of the plan brotha
Seen her look into my eyes and heard the words that she can’t utter

Then I was on the stage feeling like she spеaking through me
Like she was spеaking to me on a mountain she could move me
Ain’t I ain’t seen you in a dream yet, just take ya time
Cause when I finally do I know that you gon make it shine

Just like the Sun rays, always hold on to them days
Feeding me till I’m dunzo, know that’s just what you want tho’
Know that’s just what you wanted tho’
Me and mommy listened to ya voice last night

She was crying like she didn’t have a choice last night
Man these my soul scriptures
Barely had time to mourn I’m tearing up at old pictures
Cause you were beautiful, and I’m smiling at your fashion sense

I guess that’s where I got it from I’m rapping in the phattest fits
Last time I seen you Saturday been only getting sadder since
And when this finally drop I pray you won’t be mad at this
I know you won’t be

Seen pictures where you just holdin’ me
Can’t ask for no one better to look over me
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Stoic & Reyan Lyrics – YANI

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Release Year: 2023