Stardom – #StreetHeat Freestyle

Stardom #StreetHeat Freestyle

Stardom – #StreetHeat Freestyle Lyrics

Artist: Stardom
Song: #StreetHeat Freestyle

Link Up TV
Big up Ally, Rasheed
Listen, yo

I keep a chill freak 〈.?.〉 in my Dsquared
Only 3 O’clock, Lizzy blowin’ so free squares
They know my face n#gg# n#gg# n#gg#, we’re here
Bait face, say they want beef, I’m like meet where?

I’m bout my money, stretch the grub like Armstrong
I walk the walk in Loubs cah’ the talks long
But yeah the .4’s long so don’t talk wrong
Cause I’ll send the rangers out like Zordon

He ain’t about it, they gas like E.ON
Rest in peace Leon, for our fizzy throw three on
Dinner in the microwave, defo ain’t no Jerk Chickеn
Got the work flippin’, f#ck you if you heard differеnt

Gyal’ll run man down like the police
I put this mash down, monster like CoDee
She got mileage actin’ new, b#tch I know peeps
Like you ain’t smashed all my homies

Graduated on road, you at school and did Uni
I went juveys, big frame, came out lookin’ goony
Spent 9 lump on the timepiece
Bail for a 9 piece, drivin’ round, skrr with my dime piece

She a bad b, I get the bad b
Man I do this, no diggity, blackstreet
Phone my worker, couple sales on the backstreet
From sunset to sunrise, no taxis

b#tches love the kid, I’m in love with quids
With a G19 I don’t f#ckin’ miss
I let it beat like Felix, mix it like Rusky
Hit it one time, she thinks I’m f#ckery

Livin’ luxury, we never had a pot to piss in
Wrist game Potter, grab the pot, I’m whippin’
Uh, a n#gg# all about his finances
Scrans all Chris Brown, the way it’s got the line dancin’

I don’t know where to start, so much things hurt my heart
Been there from start, listen close, you hear me bar
Goin’ alright, kind of started off nice
In my teenage years, who’d have thought I’d live this life

Promising footballer, looked up to real ballers
That live lawless, no Chris Wallace, no 〈.?.〉
Everyone I looked upon seems like they’re all gone
Wish I would’ve knew then, probably wouldn’t have done it wrong

I chose the hard way, chasin’ hard cake
Tough skin now, blame it on the heartache
I say I shouldn’t cry over spilt milk
So I shouldn’t grieve cah’ the kills sealed

Should I feel guilty, mum don’t wanna talk to me
Tricks, his mum too, it’s like desperate became ordinary
I just wanna live properly, chill and mashin’ proper P
Probably wanna do monogamy

Good girl, her own feel like she always bothers me
It’s like she don’t get the proper me
I’ma’ hold it down same way
Flights, summer vaca’

From 2020’s, now it’s ace spades
Times of 〈.?.〉 shows your true friends
No visits, no P’s, where’s your true friends?
My n#gg# Trigger gone bigger, that’s what jail does

Came out, back the same day, shit’s real f#cked
Carnage, they locked up Sharp head
He’s just did a sentence for something that weren’t him
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Stardom Lyrics – #StreetHeat Freestyle

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Release Year: 2022