Soft Fangs – Dragon Soap

Soft Fangs Dragon Soap

Soft Fangs – Dragon Soap Lyrics

Artist: Soft Fangs
Song: Dragon Soap

You blew it straight
Through your head
All those thoughts of the dead
You could end it all or try to

Move forward
Just between me and you
All the roads lead
Nowhere new

Just an endless
Cul-de-sac of sorrow
But I’d like to live
In a world that doesn’t

Notice I exist
Somewhere before we
Ever met
Speak slowly

Every action is recorded
Cameras in the TV
Microphones in doorknobs
What a shame, that you

Have to live afraid
Comatose, when you
Should feel infinitе
But you are finding out

What it’s all about
To live, to lose, to diе
In the same skin you were born in
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Soft Fangs Lyrics – Dragon Soap

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Release Year: 2016

Soft Fangs "Dragon Soap" (Audio)