Slug † Christ – Up In Smoke

Slug † Christ Up In Smoke

Slug † Christ – Up In Smoke Lyrics

Artist: Slug † Christ
Song: Up In Smoke

Water whippin’ got the pyrex on the stove
Drippin’ faucet all designer on my clothes
Give me becky now my babies in your throat
I’m living lavish while my life goes up in smoke

Left me broken when I needed you the most
Unleashed a demon now my mind is just the host
A walking zombie watch my body decompose
I’m walking backwards down a path I never chose

I’m throwed, leave me alone
Countin’ up this money on my cellular phone
All gold, I’m finally glowed
No onе f#ckin knows me but I’m ready to blow

Took a piecе of my life girl it’s all I see
Now I’m dead inside and it hurts to breathe
Got a stronger mind I won’t concede
You’ll see in time it’s me you need

Fendi Models in the backseat
Foggin’ out the Beamer feel like Ghastly
She dropping off the perkys in a taxi
I’m mixin’ Acronym with Prada Ho you’re tacky

Girl it’s all a lie I hope you see
Try to change my life can’t keep it clean
All the sh#t I buy for shattered dreams
Too proud to die too high to scream

Beat it up, I’m dead inside the cut
Kill myself for the check I’m in love
I’m in love – and no one cares enough
I can’t blame em man that sh#t is super tough (goddam)

Watch me toke, my life go up in smoke
Call me the GOAT, but in water I just float (ya)
Dead body – inside a Maserati
Pop a lolly for the people that forgot me (ya ya)

Whiplash — please don’t lose the cash
Every month is just a chance to finish last
Forget the past that I can’t remember anyway
This sh#t gonna catch up to me anyday

I ask myself if I could get back to the source
An angel tell me Yung Slugga but of course
Slug God burn away your wh#re
I’m not sure if I can do this anymore
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Slug † Christ Lyrics – Up In Smoke

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Release Year: 2019

Up in Smoke (feat. Slug † Christ)