Sinner – Born To Rock

Sinner Born To Rock

Sinner – Born To Rock Lyrics

Artist: Sinner
Song: Born To Rock

Born to rock [3]
Ooh, yeah
Ooh yeah

No way out, tonight’s the night
‘Cause baby was born with the beat
Born to run … and born to rock
Don’t hope for amnesty

Don’t be nervous … take it cool
I’ll rock the chains of the night
I’ll heat up your blood … ’til it’s boiling hot

Don’t hope for amnesty
[Chorus 1:]
Mom says: “No no no
It is a dangerous game”

Mom says: “No no no”
[Chorus 2:]
Born to rock you, born to roll you [2]
Let’s groove … and stomp with our feet

Forget the problems we have
Shake your heads … and move your bones
Don’t hope for amnesty

[Chorus 1 & 2]
No way out … tonight’s the night
We’re born with the beat

Raise your hands for rock’n’roll
Don’t hope for amnesty
[Chorus 2]
We were born

[Chorus 2]
Wo were born to rock
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Sinner Lyrics – Born To Rock

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Release Year: 2013