Simon Hinkler – Stranger

Simon Hinkler Stranger

Simon Hinkler – Stranger Lyrics

Artist: Simon Hinkler
Song: Stranger

So I’m a stranger here once more
I have to get back home for sure
Cause where I’m living now is wrong
It’s not where I belong

One dream through unfamiliar streets
Foreign to everyone I meet
Another town, another place
Another rainbow to chase

I moved away five thousand miles
Where people speak in different styles
And the adventure has worn thin
From all the places I’vе been

And all the things that I’ve seen
A nation governеd by a clown
Who keeps the nation trodden down
Falling for everything they see

And they believe they are free
Before you know it
I’ll be gone
Not heading for

But running from
The situations left behind
And now I wake up to find
I’m just a stranger here once more

Still searching for that desert shore
Cause where I’m living now is wrong
And so it’s time to move on
Not knowing where I belong

Without not a thought of going back
I’ll stick the pin into the map
Pack up a worn out case and then
The stranger’s leaving again
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Simon Hinkler Lyrics – Stranger

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Release Year: 2008