Shaver – Son of Calvary

Shaver Son of Calvary

Shaver – Son of Calvary Lyrics

Artist: Shaver
Song: Son of Calvary

Oh crayon coloured oceans wash into the fading sky
There to tremble in the darkness, like a bird about to die
Oh soul gentle and all oneness, His creation blessed to be
Oh so fathomless in beauty, oh so physical in need

From the splitting of an atom, to the drive in of a nail
From the grandness of the Tetons, to a prison’s mental hell
No word can describe free feeling, full eternity
From the dawning of creation, borne in all humanity

When my day on earth is ended and the racе is overrun
I will melt into the likеness of my old beloved ones
Lord I fear for general shelter, oh so tender am I now
Silent, sacred solitude how it knits upon my brow

Blessed be the son of cavalry
Blessed be this gift to you and me
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Shaver Lyrics – Son of Calvary

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Release Year: 1998