Semi Six – Extraordinaire

Semi Six Extraordinaire

Semi Six – Extraordinaire Lyrics

Artist: Semi Six
Song: Extraordinaire

Nostrils absorb the Florida air Jordan fours to wear
Perform to horns and snares my lady got some gorgeous hair

Gold Fendis yea the tortoise pair it’s smooth as horses hair
Run through ya fortress with a sword and tear
Storm in there and kill the king inside the orange chair before the lord with care
Ya empire get overthrown

Shot in the back retreating till you lay in some tall grass that’s overgrown
Black caskets hold the bones of all the soldiers gone
Piling Parmesan and Provolone
Chop the hands of n#gg#s hiding hands aftеr throwing stones

This is g sh#t
The mast of the ship drip sеa mist
I’m out to sea b#tch
Meanwhile you got a needle in ya arm fiendish

Ya b#tch Look like Booker T with a re twist
I’m with my Queen laughin from the mezzanine b#tch
I use my bright ideas to light the way
Ya life is the price to pay

Don’t have me pull a knife and slay
I get in the booth
You get on Twitter to type away
Feeling some type of way

I give my wife some pipe and lay
On my pipe she ride away
Afterwards I’ll get my son and go outside to play

All my money got blue lines like my sons pamper, try to smoke me like a Dutch Master, one puff will give yo #ss lung cancer, drink rum from a fake cup like the drunk master
Drinkin more make me punch faster
The Air max one’s kick the monks bladder
Make em Piss his self

Inside big novels where I hid the wealth
Shinobi number 6 when I kill in stealth
Drink rappers blood til I give a belch
You Prince in Purple Rain don’t kid ya self

Hit the whole track til my hand is bruised
Fly like the logo worn by Cam and Juelz
Your moms heard I killed you on a track it was the saddest news
Rock the space jams not the gamma blues

Hit you with a gamma clap like Bruce Banner when they can’t spit I just mute rappers
Extra low
I Collect the dough from my respective role
No x and o, I just leave ya flesh left with with holes

The necklace gold, 97 Hov
Soldiers feet hangin out the chopper door
I’m like Pac Shakur when I rock the tour
Never rock velour

Raging Bull 5s Imma matador
Me versus you this is not a war
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Semi Six Lyrics – Extraordinaire

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Release Year: 2023