Sea Glass – If You Wanna Hear One

Sea Glass If You Wanna Hear One

Sea Glass – If You Wanna Hear One Lyrics

Artist: Sea Glass
Song: If You Wanna Hear One

Give me a chance
I know im silly but i can also dance
If that counts for anything I’d like to use it
I dont mean to ignore but i’m goofy

Ya know i’m doing anything that i can to make you smile and wanna hold my hand
And I know I say it in every single song
But I hoping when you start to listen you’ll singing along
I know something you don’t

Do you wanna play on my boat?
I’m sorry you know I like to lie
I don’t have a boat but maybe we can fly
If you want yeah that’s up to you

Because I don’t have a way to do that either
But its fine its so fun in the meantime
I have jokes if you wanna hear one
If you wanna hear one

If you wanna hear one
I have a few I can pull from
If you wanna hear one
I have a few up my sleeve

Please don’t be dense
Its not a secret I’m desperate for a chance
And you’re acting so confused
Well I’m asking is it bad that I’m mad that you’re elusive ohhh ohh

I’m rethinking everything
I have half a mind to give up yeah I quit
Then I remember when I see you smile
And how it’s only when I come around

I have so much up my sleeve
I’m waiting in the meantime
For you my baby
I can drive you crazy

Just will you let me
I wanna see if you love me fine
If you don’t I’ll understand it’s all part of the plan
I got a few up my sleeve

If you really wanna see
I can tell you lots of jokes
I can make you smile and more
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Sea Glass Lyrics – If You Wanna Hear One

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Release Year: 2022