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Sdot Go OYK

Sdot Go – OYK Lyrics

Artist: Sdot Go
Song: OYK

Ayo Double, you killed that on foenem grave
Oh you think you gon’ line me? Don’t be dumb
Like, baddie she totin’ my gun
f#ck all this rapping sh#t, I done took trips by myself and I still made the oldheads run

b#tch, like, you better duck
Let your boyfriend try me if he want
b#tch I’m a shooter, like why would I pass it
Just let me do me, I might pass when I’m done

Shooter? n#gg#, who you shot?
Beam on his face, he couldn’t see the dot
Like-Like, 〈.?.〉 might bend through your block with a mop
Like, me and Jack, we was blitzin’ that block

b#tch, I was flickin’ right damn near the cops
Like, he got a gun, he gon’ use it or not?
And I hope it don’t jam, I got trust in my Glock
“Come here”, like

That’s what he heard when I flocked
Say the wrong thing, now my gun getting cocked
Bro told me chill but I’m—
Bro told me chill but I’m throwin’ a lot

Like, he think he slime ’til I’m wiping his snot
Any chance that I get, I’m throwing what I got, like
We can’t beef if he talk to the cops (Aye!)

I’m tryna send him to Dot (Dotty!)
Better duck if I’m spinning with Jah (Like what?)
I-I’m in the spot with 2 twin Glocks (Glah, glah, glah)
All this dissin’ done got me fed up (Like)

He got shot from his chest to the neck up
Bend back, don’t let him get up
Backdoor gang, 〈.?.〉
Said he looking for me, geez

On my block everyday really movin’ Elihu
Still got a G, came with a beam too (Like what?)
Big die Oz we don’t f#ck with them people (Die Oz)
On the rock tryna dump like Vincent

How n#gg#s dissin’ but nobody bendin’?
Put the tool to his mouth like a dentist
Push up on me, I gotta ascend him
Off the Wock, yeah a different dimension

DB, flick through the tech
20 clips just to fit in my denim
Like, he got shot by a ‘ooter with specs
He got shot through the Gallery Dept

Like, shh caught one to the chest
Oh he think he tough, put him to the test
Like, Lil’ Himmy got put on his neck
—got hit with the trey he was young

In the spot, 4100 guns
Like do the dash, they cannot check the trunk
Pushing me? You gotta be drunk
F-Freshy the G, he keep dissing (GDK)

Like we ain’t beat him, stop lacking for chicken (Word to my mother)
When I’m talking, b#tch you better listen (Glah glah)
I get dedicated, on that mission
Like, no OY, them n#gg#s shot

Rockabye Dot, caught one to the top (Edot)
EBK, we don’t f#ck wit’ no Flocks
Oh he think I’m lacking, but I’m not
Glah, like

Bro too ruthless
Brand new G, she came with the cool kids
Tryna line me, lil b#tch think I’m stupid
Don’t gotta question, if I’m shootin’ (Glah glah)
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Sdot Go Lyrics – OYK

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Release Year: 2023