Scott James – So What

Scott James So What

Scott James – So What Lyrics

Artist: Scott James
Song: So What

I’m out of love but there’s so much to say
Keep spending more than the money i made
On moments of bliss
A fair exchange just to lose my innocence

Since when did all my friends get more famous than me
I should’ve dated a celebrity
A little common sense
Why should i change when it’s natural to resist

You sell my pain and pretend like i don’t exist
I gotta make my bed
I can’t rely on you
So what if i do

So what if i do
So what if i do
What if i do
What if i do

So what else
Someone else with you
Someone else with you
I might take a bath in the river of joy

You tell me to relax
Is it really important
Lessons from the past
But i’m from the future

But i guess i’m still ?
I look like a tourist
I remember that
But there’s something about you that i wish i could describe

But i’m not allowed to
Settle in the side
Was it with or without you
What else can i try when i’m still around to

While i’m still around to
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Scott James Lyrics – So What

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Release Year: 2023