Sam Gopal – Grass

Sam Gopal Grass

Sam Gopal – Grass Lyrics

Artist: Sam Gopal
Song: Grass

Once on a green day I was in long grass
And you came rustling silently by
I caught your long hand, fingers of satin
And in the long grass together we lie

What are you thinking, kissing me softly?
Where does your mind go when you are here?
Is loving really your only answer?
Or does your mind sigh, shed lonely tears?

I can break walls down if you will help me
If I can reach you, help you to see
All of the good things that I can give you
If you will take them, take them from me

Please, will you trust me? maybe I’ll hurt you
But I can heal it, soon as its done
Give me your hand and allow me to lead you
Out of the long grass into the sun

If you are going, go very swiftly
Don’t lend or say tender goodbye
Winds of uncertainty, carry you from me
To you the truth is seeming a lie

If you are staying, try harder to see me
Tearing the blindfolds down from your eyes
Seeing the sunshine, feeling the rainfall
Learn how to live and learn how to die

You are still learning, life is your teacher
If you don’t listen, you’ll never hear
My lips are moving, I’m only speaking
To try and make you stay with me here

Make up your own mind, give me a reason
Why you are running, small and alone
No one is lonely, if they are ready
To look for living and living alone
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Sam Gopal Lyrics – Grass

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Release Year: 1969