Rose Drop Records – 8PM in Tampa

Rose Drop Records 8PM in Tampa

Rose Drop Records – 8PM in Tampa Lyrics

Artist: Rose Drop Records
Song: 8PM in Tampa

★ Intro ★
I’m sorry
But the person you called is not available
Please leave the message after the tone

After you finished your message, just hang up
Or to hear more options please press one
★ Verse: SevenR ★
I don’t want to waste

I don’t want to play
Feel like my energy has been stupid and it’s going down the drain
Hoping of something
The hope of feeling nothing

It’s real until you rush and your not feeling any loving
It’s 8pm what you think?
And my city on fire for the way people trash it
I used to be on top, but then i lost it

I used to be onе of those people who would chеck on you but now I’m the one who really needs some checking
I’m tired of long discussions
I’m tired of failing crushing’s
I’m tired of this dark road that’s gets me a concussion

Do you see it?
Do you feel me?
Or do you feel the bad surrounding wrapped around with elastics
I’m on this road

Of women seeking loads
Loads of cash, loads of a pole, loads of situation that can make your mind explode
And we got way too close
To end this hope

Hope that’s been promised, never broken, since the first day we ever spoke
I also realized women noticed men’s weakness
But with that they hit us with “oooh, ima leave him”
But that’s not all women, that’s the ones who adapted to the pitch black darkness road of winning

And that the lust
They fell into that dust
Never got to see their own kids play with toys r us
Metro Boomin’ tranced it

I became more addicted
More addicted to healthy lust that gods been forgiving
For us, two
In a loop

We can make something that no one ever got to do
But I’m talking too much
Maybe that’s reason people want get away from me
Maybe that’s the reason people pick royalty over loyalty

Maybe that’s reason why in my plate they put more rice then beans
Maybe that’s reason right now I’m going to say rest in peace Lil Keed
Maybe that’s reason they always want me to do some bum ahh feat
★ Outro ★

Don’t leave me
I’ve been on this road of trying find somebody
I hope you understand that your not just anybody

It’s too dark, this roads been muddy
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Rose Drop Records Lyrics – 8PM in Tampa

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Release Year: 2022