ronin – $HOOK

ronin $HOOK

ronin – $HOOK Lyrics

Artist: ronin
Song: $HOOK

“I’ve got this girl I can’t forgive her
I’d rather slit my wrists than ever seer her
I’ve tried my best and this world won’t deliver
Sorry mummy an daddy the truth will make you shiver.”

“They $hook, shiver, make your b#tch quiver
So f#cking sick you can’t stop when I deliver
Grinding while you’re asleep or cooking dinner
Life’s like a game, when you think you won you ain’t the winner.”

“Ride till I die, no love, no lie, no need for it
Rise till I plummet I’ll fight, full stop point blank, phat gangs on site, all night, we run up in the bank take flight. Hoes stank! call themself a treat, im like, why? so stuned. This chicka make a Wigga wanna run! Get gone so fast, gon dash, im done. That b#tch so trash, lookin grubby like a mutt.”
“They shook, shiver, make your b#tch quiver
So f#cking slick you can’t stop when I deliver

Lurking in the winter been burnin up this liquor, devils tempting me it doesn’t mean that I’m a sinner.”
“Pain of the game an love’s the tirent
Im a freak, but don’t be fooled by my kindness
Inside im demented and violent, so angry can’t hide it

Money and weed is all that’s provided.”
“Pop top, rollin’ down the road up in some odd socks. Drop top, present when I’m cruisin through the hot spot. Crop top, Tommy Hilfiger on a hot thot. Mob Glock, trigger finger itching for a pop pop, snap chat, all up in my bizzo tryna catch that. Back pack, packin to the brim from my napsack. Go in, body bag b#tches as an omen. Oh damn, drop in, rock a set like a slow jam.”
“I be killing them silent
So angry and violent

Take a look at yourself an ask where your pride is
Witness the exodus, pride of the prejudice
Can’t handle it, listening to Big Boy Los Angeles.”
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ronin Lyrics – $HOOK

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Release Year: 2018