Rocco – Alright

Rocco Alright

Rocco – Alright Lyrics

Artist: Rocco
Song: Alright

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There must be something in the water
Dry slowly is what they said

I feel my passion to a dollar, I can’t let it go through my head
I went from 〈.?.〉 to a California king size, couldn’t sleep at night
Condo ain’t even had no beds, so I had to piss outside
Sixteen, big dreams, it was just me

Do you know what that’s like?
Phone call from Mum, she keeps crying
Told her “It’s gon’ be alright”
It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright (Alright)

It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright
And I ain’t had nobody else, atleast I had myself
You and me in this life you gotta go through hell
〈.?.〉 so many things, I wish you well

〈.?.〉 told her it’s gon’ be alright
Sometimes I reminisce about…
You must be grateful for the people that have brought you here
For what are we gon’ 〈.?.〉 out

Chrome hearts on a hoodie 〈.?.〉 b#tch now
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Rocco Lyrics – Alright

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Release Year: 2020

Rocco vs. Bass - T - Alright