Rickarino 12 – EMOTIONLESS!

Rickarino 12 EMOTIONLESS!

Rickarino 12 – EMOTIONLESS! Lyrics

Artist: Rickarino 12

Holy sh#t, now I’ve been thinking about it
I really don’t wanna live anymore
Holy sh#t, life sucks, oh my god, I’m out of bills and
These girls keep f#cking breaking up with me and sh#t, bye

Bloodlust in your eyes when you see me cry
Pouring acid in my heart everyday like why
Feeling anxiety in my skin, I’m falling apart
You really like to break every piece of my heart

I want to end my suffering with some rum
Made me depressed saying, mum, I’m feeling numb
Time to tie the noose and commit suicide
My friends and crushes, say goodbyе

It’s like everyday I go outsidе, my heart breaks up wide
Because a girl likes me but doesn’t love me
The most important thing in life is love
And I don’t got the thing, so f#ck it all

Saw a lady with a big fatass
Like what’s next, she snaps my f#cking trust
I gave it a trust, just to make her p#ss# thrust
Then she knocks my heart with a f#cking brick

Killing myself with a rope, like holy sh#t, that’s Rick
Raping b#tches because I’m lonely and h#rn#, prick
Suicide is my access to death, women keep giving my balls a kick
You started it, you f#cking b#tch

Don’t talk to me, you f#cking thottie dick
Tried to date a 14 year old, like can you f#cking blame me
People think I’m 13, cause they’re bold
She gives me a weird creep and calls her b#tchy friend, feels cold

Throws my f#cking heart in the mold
I knew I shouldn’t f#ck kids, that’s what I’ve been told
But this annoying country f#cks my birthdate up
Folds my truth like origami and rip it, then erupt

I’m literally trapped in a f#cking cup
Yeah, that’s sarcasm, so what’s up (uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh)
I wish the best for you so f#cking well
But you made my heart feel like hell

So it’s all your f#cking fault
I liked how your p#ss# tasted like salt
You should’ve looked at what you’ve become
You are a player, hope you f#cking hurt inside a lump

You gave me pumps
You gave me erections
And made my dick jump
Shut the f#ck up

You nasty lil b#tch, you broke my heart (uuuuuuuuuh)
Hearing voices inside of my head
And they are telling me, I will never get p#ss# and head
And I should hang my f#cking body and leave it dead

For all those f#cking teenage asian b#tches in their bed
Thanks for inspiring me to kill myself, my shitty throat is red
You asian b#tches are sexy, but you left me in f#cking tears
So you can believe in yourself and talk to your f#cking peers

I don’t give a f#ck what you do anymore, I’m suicidal
I don’t give a f#ck what you say, on faggots I’m homicidal
Black b#tches in 9th grade been talking sh#t to me
I like black people, I am one, but wh#re #ss n#gg#, please go pee

With your periods, tampons and menstrual cups and sh#t
And I never f#cking hit
Sipping strong Vodka, not even a lil f#cking bit
I wanna kill myself, m#th*rf#ck*r, I never got no cl#t

These bars I spit
But you b#tches reject me to grits
I did 5 pushups and a b#tch still doesn’t love me
I bought a Polo and a Nike and a b#tch still doesn’t love me

I did some braids and a b#tch still doesn’t love me
I ignored a b#tch and a b#tch still doesn’t love me
I gave myself strength and a b#tch still doesn’t love me
I rizzed a b#tch and a b#tch still doesn’t love me

I used pickup lines and a b#tch still doesn’t love me
I asked a b#tch out but a b#tch still doesn’t love me
f#ck living, I wanna die in peace
Goodbye f#ckers (Huuah)
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Rickarino 12 Lyrics – EMOTIONLESS!

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Release Year: 1997