Rêve – Eikiro

Rêve Eikiro

Rêve – Eikiro Lyrics

Artist: Rêve
Song: Eikiro

I spent my nights asking myself a million questions
After midnight I’m alone with all my nightmares
I’m bored with my life, deep down I know I’m sick of it
Alone in the building I lose my feelings

My heart fills with cement
I find it depressing
I leave you the glitter, I’m leaving
In this business there are too many bad people

They’re only in it for the purple bills
Ready to eat you like wild animals
I won’t last, I have to leave
I closed my eyes

Hoping that everything would bе better
Beliеving that I would finally be happy
But hey, life’s not that great
Or maybe it’s me

Who will never have a record label
Like the beast and his beauty
For our lives separate us, like our remorse
Not the same ramparts, on my way too many deaths

But no turning back, I promised to believe
Surrounded by vultures that want me to crash
Why I feel so alone
Why I have so much hate

My body is full of scars
I smile but inside I hurt
Daddy, tell me why
Only mom can make me feel better
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Rêve Lyrics – Eikiro

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Release Year: 2023