Renn – Jezebel

Renn Jezebel

Renn – Jezebel Lyrics

Artist: Renn
Song: Jezebel

I fell in love with Jezebel
She stole my hair and my teeth as well
She sang like heaven and smoked like hell
Then she dragged me down

〈Verse 2}
Yeah, she works twice as hard it seems
To choke me off from my hopes and dreams
Made me reach for anything

And then she dragged me down
That Jezebel
〈Verse 3}
Eyes that blaze likе a sinking ship

She’ll tell you straight through crooked lips
Cut to thе chase so you run and slip
And then she’ll drag you down
A bed of oils and scented leaves

The blood of martyrs, the spit of thieves
She’ll take you out on a crimson sea
Then she’ll drag you down
That Jezebel

Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhh
Oh that Jezebel
Listen, son

There’ll come a day when your body aches with lust
Your sweat’ll drip down bleeding and your steel-eye turn to rust
Yeah you’re only made of dust
The same as me

Don’t fall into her schemes
I fell in love with Jezebel
She stole my teeth and my hair as well
Yeah that b#tch she brought me straight to hell

Yeah she dragged me down
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Renn Lyrics – Jezebel

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Release Year: 2015