Reddenhollow – Great Escape

Reddenhollow Great Escape

Reddenhollow – Great Escape Lyrics

Artist: Reddenhollow
Song: Great Escape

Feel a cold cold wind
Press against my face
Feel the warmth of your embrace
There once or twice

I know i saw the light
It took you in the night
You were all i had…
Your body lies

Somber as a stone
Its beauty holds its own
You spread your wings
Full of hollow bones

You ride the wind that blows
You were all i had…
As i dreamt
I felt you slip

Away from me
And there it was
A cloud of dust
Where you once breathed

The walls collapsed
The floor caved in
I fell right through
A great escape

That I had made
To be with you
You were all i had…
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Reddenhollow Lyrics – Great Escape

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Release Year: 2019

Reddenhollow - Great Escape