Ratblood – Online Mind

Ratblood Online Mind

Ratblood – Online Mind Lyrics

Artist: Ratblood
Song: Online Mind

Every move
Every step
Every action
Called word for word I f#cking knew this would happen

How original
A carbon copy of every single miserable individual
Are you typical
Just predictable

You’re everything you swore you weren’t
Peering down from your ivory tower
Stepping on necks just to keep your power

You mask as everyone around you
Crave attention from your crowd of believers
No sense of self so you’ll rob someone else
What happens when they learn that you’re a deceiver

Make up a life that you swear isn’t fake
Fake love to the people you hate
Witch hunts just to cut off the head of the snake
These f#cking lies end today

These f#cking lies end today
Take it all in
Pathological separation from what’s real or not
Climb down before the stopwatch tick tocking clock drops to zero

When the fantasy stops
It’s lonely on the f#cking top
When you’re up and you’re looking down
Everyone beneath you wants to where your crown

Face the consequence of the time you spent
Climbing on the backs of everyone around
Cursed by your online mind

Walk the path they laid
Cursed by your online mind
Face the choice you’ve made
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Ratblood Lyrics – Online Mind

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Release Year: 2023