Prototype & Lazarus The Kid – Madonna Complex

Prototype & Lazarus The Kid Madonna Complex

Prototype & Lazarus The Kid – Madonna Complex Lyrics

Artist: Prototype & Lazarus The Kid
Song: Madonna Complex

Lazarus i need a billy

Keep it too chill man they can’t even feel me
She want me to f#ck her i want her to heal me
The cycle continues this sh#t is so silly
Been texting her i need a wifey who feel me

She loves all my music i might do it really
To show all this yungin’s the kingdom is really
Your heart and your art and your love for city
Been part of the chart and we chartered out

And ain’t nothing wrong with a bro who looks pretty
But if there ain’t substance i don’t need her near me
I got too much weight that i lay on my shoulders
I turn twenty five and i’m getting way older

The hеart of these women is gеtting way colder
And i feel responsible, no getting over
The fact that i play with these women like cards
Finessing these girls i made it an art

And now i feel shame for playing my part
The cycle continues but when do it stop
The anger and pride that i kept inside
The love and resentment that i cannot have

My momma she love me these women they lie
See contradictions i just can’t decide
Madonna a wh#re, yeah the complex arise
See all the commas they trynna have

We calling them wh#res we say it with pride
And they sing along and say it inside
The mess is so subtle we don’t realise
The words that we use they internalize

Distorting the truth or image of god
We all feeling used
We all carry scars
In trynna preach

But damn it is hard to not tell the truth
When i see it clearly
You loving your momma
You say it sincerely

But if you hate women
You ain’t thinking clearly
They raising our daughters and if you can’t hear me
Beware of you speech

You gotta be weary and practice and preach
The tears that ain’t nearly aligned
I know that the rhyme is sounding divine
But open your mind you n#gg#s is blind

You’re giving cold signs to the sixty nine
I’m talking to keshy
I’m getting too messy
The way that i ball they trying to test me

I talk to my cousin
And made an investment
He gave me his blessing
I’m making my milli

The key to the city it stays the family
I want me a grammy
But f#ck all the grammies
I want me a grammy

Who raising my family
They don’t understand me
These n#gg#s can’t stand me
But somehow they stand me

Becoming a hero
They calling me stanley
One day they gon’ stand me
I’m way too official

I’m going official
I once was a dog
Blowing the whistle
This all for my sisters

I ask for forgiveness
I really been growing
He showing me mercy
He bless me with mercy

Shout out to my sister
I know that she worried
But no need to worry
This musical army

Enough for an early retirement surely
Shout out to the early’s
We starting to heal
We’ll do it maturely

Shout out to miss lister
You said i ain’t sh#t man
I guess i ain’t sh#t
But i wish you the best

Cause the boy got the vison
The boy got the
Yeah the boy got the vision

The boy got the vision
The boy got the vision
The boy got the vision
The boy got the

Yeah the boy got the vision
The boy got the vision
The boy got the vision

The boy got the vision
The boy got the
“you know people always gonna have their opinions. you got certain people that they just live and die for, this one way of thinking. and so, you know, my thing is like, you know what i mean blind can’t lead the blind bro. (yes sir) somebody got to have the vision (yes sir) and you gotta follow who had the vision. you know what i’m saying. so if you stuck on stupid i ain’t gon’ judge you or have no disrespect for you but i’m (gon’ be over here) not going to follow you or tie you to your opinion but you gon’ have to follow what i’m doing. and after a while that way of thinking versus this way of thinking more people lean to ah, this way cause of the results.”
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Prototype & Lazarus The Kid Lyrics – Madonna Complex

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Release Year: 2019