Potent Minds – Won’t Wait

Potent Minds Won't Wait

Potent Minds – Won’t Wait Lyrics

Artist: Potent Minds
Song: Won’t Wait

Face forth deceptions
With intent to learn
A better lesson
Not to follow so close

But close enough to keep
My soul from missing the pain
I don’t consistently bring it forth
The chains I wore

Exceptional life force
That separates yours
So did truly I get for my lie
Never saw that it’d be taken this far

What a beautiful scar
With removal of the stitches
You’ll be blinded by ambition
But my only fulfilling mission

Is to reach for the stars
How long I marvel
At the fact that I might starve here
Taking me on fair and clear

Headed enough to know the way
I used to live is a simple one in itself
Don’t aim for the wealth
Catch it but if you don’t

You better find something else
Body and soul
Is supposed to swallow your whole existence
New way of thinking

Politicking won’t get you nothing
But mistaken decisions
I won’t wait alone
I don’t fear my own

I won’t wait alone
I don’t fear my own
Baby-steps is

Self improvement
Is masturbation
So what else am I to do
But just to activate sh#t

In my mind, I can’t take it
Hung me like a fiend
For the press so I take it
Within a knuckle

In grip’s reach
My muse’s sensitive; beat
Feelings speak
Within these weeks

I pass time
Written rhymes inscribed in my mind
Telling me to decide now
Whether or not I

Want to rhyme
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Potent Minds Lyrics – Won’t Wait

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Release Year: 2003