Pomeroy – Roboflow

Pomeroy Roboflow

Pomeroy – Roboflow Lyrics

Artist: Pomeroy
Song: Roboflow

The ride of a life time times the static attic vibe is what we provide for yo mind
So you can step inside and wine and dine upon the lyrical find
That’s steady rockin over calibrated fusion divine, hit rewind
I’m givin ya’ll a piece of my mind

Voice in time, and you know the style is f-I-n-e fine, we platinum lined
All other stars be outshined
By the 5 up in the pocket jumpin out from behind
The plan I devise will strengthen and strategize on

Limitless endeavors to ascend the ladder of lies
Compromise you shouldn’t, so realize they wouldn’t
Attempt to fill it up so in a different size they put it..
While we on the topic let me get it out right here

We’re simply speakin to you in a format you wanna hear so clear your mind
Relax, the p’s got the reins
It’s the double-m ma-double r-o-n
Once again rushin’ that adrenaline

Cause when I’m on the mic mc’s disband they see guitar
In hand and they be like d***
This band be blowin the spot and ya’ll be knowin they hot
The train is mowing your thought therefore expanding the plot eh

That’s what happens and it ain’t gonna stop eh you D
We gotta gotta drop
Back in this round two tell me what you’re gonna do who me you can’t see
I’m invisible bendin’ light like the predator, editor of the bs tip and I’m gon’ settle

The words on a page in a rage I construct
With my fury of though from your pride I deduct
Maximum props cause the blocks will erupt
As soon as kids out in the street realize your sound is corrupt yo We vibratin’ no waitin’

Constantly matin with genetic strands of groove and funk
We fat like bacon and b***er over teflon so slippery when we get it on point like allouicious
Very viscous like omegatron bliss pump this
Through your stereo now, don’t miss the gist

Shootin up from the sound
Cause mass production of sections of suction orifice connections and lacking lyric injection
Can only lead to rejection
Boom, the who’s the had’s the what’s the bad’s the mark’s the shad the wig’s the fad’s

We pole voltin’ ya’ll leavin’ ya back to all the radio emcee’s lickin’ they a**, what?
Chilling effect, slowing ya down shuting you up, a govern mental X-files cover up
That’s what happens and it ain’t gonna stop eh yo D, we gotta gotta drop
In unison breakin’ no fakin’ for goodness saken

Shakin’ all shoes of wak crews cuz news we be makin’ we be changing the time
Rearangin’ the shine but the music that we kick is still the absolute high
P-O-M-E-R-O-Y, the Eskimo pie bring a qwest into ya eye
People ask us why, the pimpin’ nimble superfly, bite our style don’t even try NEVER let the music die
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Pomeroy Lyrics – Roboflow

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Release Year: 2002