Song: OUUU!

Ouuu! n#gg#s can’t fill my shoes
I’m real stepper, i be standing my two
Cripple n#gg#s walking if they mess with my blood
I don’t need nothing but my own chain tucked

On my show and prove not some show and tell
n#gg#s was laughing at me thinking sh#t wasn’t going well
Oh well, i had a couple quarters and a wishing well
Moving like a militant soldier who didn’t ring the bell

Did it single handedly on the field like odell
Need to end on (high notes, high notes) like i am adele
But still eat you like a gwinya with f#cking frikadell
Boy my sh#t hotter than the kids on riverdale

Lift me up with hermanie’s oliviosa spell (poof)
b#tch i’m breaking through the roof tops
Heard i’m growing in your head like a motherf#cking tumour
Like it or nah

Spoke to your doctor and he confirmed the rumour ay!
Lately i’ve been on my gumbi bumahe!
Ridding off all the bullies like cube on a friday
Then pulling up on lil shawty on the sunday

All dressed up but we skipping the four play
Yes it’s always me vs me
I been seen that life is a dream
I’ve been feeling like it’s all underneath

And i’m probably needing a release
No i don’t really want it if it’s free
Cause everything in life cost a fee
Bodhi print out, i might put it on a t

I’ve been feeling like my style is too unique
For way longer than just recently
Shut up it’s my time to speak my piece
Dodging meditation, but i’m out here seeking peace

I’m trying to bring me down call it a sweet defeat i felt the ground beneath break
They making waves these days we make the earth shake
Come thru let’s vibrate, too much at stake
I got to stay wake

I feel rain drops falling on my head, but i’m not clouded though
Sun is out, rainbow right in front of me
Ain’t a n#gg# on this earth that can be son’ing me
I’m the son of god, i will admit that publicly

I see n#gg#s tryna reach their goals so cunningly
I understand, crabs in a bucket mentality when money’s in demand
My universe constantly commits to karma, can’t take that stance
I’ll do anything to win though before my last dance!

You know, it’s a lot of folks who are willing to bend and fold their morals and principles to reach their objectives…
Me, i juts don’t see myself doing that
Stick to your guns and never fold
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Release Year: 2023