OT Deezy – 75 To Life

OT Deezy 75 To Life

OT Deezy – 75 To Life Lyrics

Artist: OT Deezy
Song: 75 To Life

I just beat a case 75 to life
I could do it twice
Prosecutor tried to hang me up cuz i been livin life
Dirty b#tch tried to sit me down, tell her try again

Smelt the b#llsh#t on her breath in court bet she won’t do it again
But f#ck now i’m back again kept it solid on the rack
Told all you b#tches on the street that i would double back
Now i’m touchin 40/50/60/70/80 racks

Gave they asss a year to pass me up but i still double lapped
Ahh haa don’t go call my phone, i’m on dnd
Don’t be tryna dap me up you ever see me in the streets
The next someone to leave mе out to dry they goin on t

And my prices goin up i need 2000 just to touch a beat
F1 x 5 bеat it in my sleep
The f2 the 3 the 4 the 5 that sh#t was all weak
They ain’t havin sh#t on me

Mad they couldn’t hang me up
I be knowin deep down in they heart they know i’m dangerous
1 2 spin the block 3 4 double back 5 6 hit a lick
7 8 i’m on that #ss 9 10 11 12 police tryna pick me up

Circumstantial evidence so once again they gave it up
I just ran a circle on em like i’m doin donuts on em
20 thousand dollars for some pointers had to burn it on em
Now i’m on my demon sh#t , got me on my sleezy sh#t

I be on that f#ck a oppa broad and let her eat the sh#t
Cold #ss chess move you see the way i’m pushin ps
Why u bragging bout that lol money that ain’t sh#t to me
Came home i was broke as f#ck i found a way to double up smacked a bag and doubled back ain’t even had to touch a pack

I’m in the 303 i’ll brb im pushin p ya b#tch w me at bnbs smokin d all on her knees
I’m like 12345678 i just beat a 75 to life so mother f#ck the state
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OT Deezy Lyrics – 75 To Life

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Release Year: 2016