Opin – Savored Assistance

Opin Savored Assistance

Opin – Savored Assistance Lyrics

Artist: Opin
Song: Savored Assistance

Invited all your friends just to feel the call
You will know it’s over
I will know your gone
I can’t even resist

This is every night
Just unkown I know
Lose the will to fight
I think I found my head, so now I know it’s done

I know the things you said are dead and gone
As i am now
I never savored assistance
I never tied up the line

I was damned to repeat it
I don’t know why you would try
You could say it’s assistance
You couldn’t ask me why

It was everything you never did define
I think we’ll waste away here еvery night at home
I know it works for you, but it won’t let mе go
Let me go

Let me go
Let me go
But now it’s much to late, cause it’s a fault line
Another move to make

Another deep decline
I think i waste away here on the nights alone
I call the things you say, but they’re not me anymore
Oh the time

Sleep all the time
Sleep all the time
Sleep all the time
Sleep all the time
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Opin Lyrics – Savored Assistance

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Release Year: 2017