Nordland – The Cleansing

Nordland The Cleansing

Nordland – The Cleansing Lyrics

Artist: Nordland
Song: The Cleansing

Battalions gather in the black dawn skies
Their weapons are storm and lightning strike
A calm before the storm
A distant overture, thunder from the north

The great one will forever look on, with cold indifference
He knows the cycle, he has see it many times before
Unleash the tidal battery
Storm-front advance!

The spearhead is deadening lands
At the word, ride the winds
And destroy all before us
As chaos takes hold

Lightning strikes burn the earth
Maelstrom unleashed
The deafening cries of war in the sky
Mountains of ash appear on horizons

And the cold cracks the stones
Fire and ice united in pact
Under the black skies now bleeding
A stillness returns to the world

A stillness
A silence
Under the black skies now bleeding
Hiding the wounds of the Earth

Silence returns
Awaiting the signs of rebirth
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Nordland Lyrics – The Cleansing

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Release Year: 2016