No Better Way – Helpless

No Better Way Helpless

No Better Way – Helpless Lyrics

Artist: No Better Way
Song: Helpless

Are you the bigger man?
Take me by the throat, my life in your hands
You’re just another coward
With a senseless, need for power

No escape, trapped inside
I’m scared to death and it gives you a big smile
My consent, doesn’t matter, this time
Cause you make the rules, I’m just here to abide

You won’t let go, I’m sinking
Why bother resisting?
I’m so sick of this power trip, are you happy?
I’m helpless, get it over with

I’ll forevеr wish, I could get that night back
But I won’t repress thе memory, I won’t let you have that
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No Better Way Lyrics – Helpless

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Release Year: 2023