Nima Kasmai – Indigo

Nima Kasmai Indigo

Nima Kasmai – Indigo Lyrics

Artist: Nima Kasmai
Song: Indigo

Why’d you have to go?
I was fine, you know
Going back and forth

Living for the chase
Oh, how I was torn
If you had to choose
Between me and her

Who would you take the bullet for?
Raise the white flag, surrender
Bittersweet, can’t remember
Why I let you take control of

Every inch of my sanity
Depths of the black hole
In my heart tonight
Don’t even know

Where to start and I
Just can’t believe
Between me and her
You’d rather leave me to burn

Did you love mе?
Doesn’t matter
If it ain’t me
Choosе the latter

Rise to the top
Up the ladder
If it ain’t me
Who do you do it for?

Why’d you have to go?
Nothing else is new
Yeah I’m still alone

Another fall gone by
And I’ve turned to stone
Kills me inside
When you use that tone

Makes me wanna hang up the phone
Feeling angry, heart on fire
Hard 2 Talk 2 was inspired
By someone whose communication’s terrifying

Tears are down the drain
Why do I still care?
When I craved you most
You were never there

When you needed me
Dropped to my knees
All the time I had was all yours
I relate to all the poor souls

Who were used and had their hearts stolen
I can’t seem to move on
To the better days

Why’d you have to go?
Oh, indigo
Break my heart

Oh, break my heart
Br-br-br, oh
Br-br-br, oh
Br-br-br, oh

Br-br-br, oh
Kills me slow
[Break it down now

Break my heart
Yeah you broke me down, yeah you broke me down
Oh indigo, oh why’d you have to go now?
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Nima Kasmai Lyrics – Indigo

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Release Year: 2022