Nikki Laoye – Onyeuwaoma

Nikki Laoye Onyeuwaoma

Nikki Laoye – Onyeuwaoma Lyrics

Artist: Nikki Laoye
Song: Onyeuwaoma

Is okay is okay is okay
Mhhhh eeheh mhhhh hmm
Keji keke eeiha
Mhhhh eeheh mhhhh hmm

Keji keke eeiha
Mhhhh eeheh mhhhh hmm
Mhhh baby
When i look in your eyes i know your the one for me

Ooh maaa my
Truly your the one that i prayed for
And now you are here with me
Baby baby this our love e dey shak me for body keji keke

E dey sweet me like honey keji keke
E dey spice me like curry keji kekе
I know say you nor go mind if chop all your money keji kеke

Shebi na mi wey go carry your baby keji keke
Oya take am giving you all love me keji keke
Onyeuwaoma ooooh oh oh

Ihurunanya aaaa
Baby eee
I’m giving you everything

Afurum gi nnanya ooooh
Na na na na na ha na na
I really wanna say I
No longer wanna be a player

Baby I don try so hard
Wa ronmi lowo
And now am all about you
I’m nothing without you

Baby you ‘re the air I breathe
Hey hey
You came into my life
I can’t quantify

I need you till the day I die
Baby nor bi lie
I love you girl I’m ready now
I won’t turn a boom I’m with you

Please don’t tell me know hey hey
Cos I can’t let go hey hey hey hey
Onyeuwaoma ooooh nana nanana nana
Ihurunanya aaaa

Ooooh nana nanana nana
Na na na na na na na na na na
Afurum gi nnanya aaaa

Na na na na na na na
Onyenwuaoma aaa
Oooh oh oh mhma yea eyea ey ey
Ihurunanya aaaa

Afurum ngi nnaya
Onyenwuaoma aaa
Ooh oooh ohhh
Afurum ngi nnaya oo oh oh oh o yeah

Oloun mi
I promise I will never leave you lonely
All l’m ever sure is that you own me you own me
I’m so glad you’re mine

Kai kai
No bi moi moi dis our love e nor go ever kpai kpai
And I will ever never say good bye bye
It’s just you and I from now

Till titi lailai lailai lailai lai yeahhhhh eh eh
Onyenwuoma oyenwuoma
Ihurunanya aaaa
Baby haaa ha ha baby ey ey ey

Hey e yaeh yeah oh oh oh oh yeah
Afurumgi nnaya aaaa yeah I love you babe
Yeah eh I love you babe

Said I love you baby ee
Mhhmm love you uh wouh ah ooh oh
Onyenwuoma aaa
Ha ha ha ha ha eyy ey ey eyy

Oooh e e e o yea yeah
Oh yeah yeah eh mmine
Ehhh e eehi eehi eehi yeeah
Ooh oh oh ooh oh oh ooh oh oh oh oh oh oooh hei oo
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Nikki Laoye Lyrics – Onyeuwaoma

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Release Year: 2016