Nalyssa Green – Indagattah

Nalyssa Green Indagattah

Nalyssa Green – Indagattah Lyrics

Artist: Nalyssa Green
Song: Indagattah

Sitting inside,watching wheels passing by
In a carton of rain, we’re all the same
And scorching the light being one of the blind
Well you’re certainly the kind i won’t like

The clouds are the same, they all whisper my name
While i’m white as the snow in the gutter
The clouds are the same,don’t remember my name
You’re the one i should blame for the thunder

And all the likes, all the lights, all their uses and goodbyes, will be hunted
I sleep alone, the nights i long your breath
When the lights are all on and you’re all on your own don’t be frightened
You sleep alone, the nights you long my breath
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Nalyssa Green Lyrics – Indagattah

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Release Year: 2010