Mr Traumatik – Be Quiet [real version]

Mr Traumatik Be Quiet [real version]

Mr Traumatik – Be Quiet [real version] Lyrics

Artist: Mr Traumatik
Song: Be Quiet [real version]

Traumatik, I’m a major truth rhymer
My spirit animal’s a sabre-toothed tiger
Piss me off, I’ll stab you in the face with screwdrivers
And this world is run by some ancient huge spiders

I’m a lyricist, I ain’t a shoe-shiner
I be making millions, you make a few fivers
I roll a zoot up, it takes up two grinders
I’m travelling the world, so I be tracing through China


Why you wanna come round here, blud?
Why you wanna come round here?
Well, shut up you thick happy quiet clam
Shut up, ’cause if you phone the police or the fireman (snitch)

When they arrive I’ll set firе to the riot van
I’ll burn your house down and blame it on thе frying pan
Do you understand? Do you need a diagram?
Do I really need to shank you in your diaphragm?

Over and over again until you’re dying
Over and over and over again
Don’t be envious, don’t be jealous
Come through stinking of the lemon, they can smell us

Don’t be envious, don’t be jealous
Everybody wants to buy my acapellas
Don’t be envious, don’t be jealous
My music is lifting people up like propellers

Don’t be envious, don’t be jealous
My lyrics go over all your heads like umbrellas
This lunatic is super quick, I spit my lyrics and drool a bit
This fugitive is lucrative, don’t make me cross like crucifix

I’ll punch you up and bruise your ribs, I’m angry now, get used to it
You grumpy c#nt, you moody prick, I will leave you dead in a pool of sick
I’m not new to it, I’ve seen it all before and I’m bored
Please don’t piss me off, I’ll punch you in the jaw til its sore

I’ll stab you in the face and leave you in the morgue with that sword
No, no, no you don’t
You don’t wanna war with this lord
I’m extremely rare

I’m hungrier than a greedy bear
You can take a look in my living room, there’s no TV there
You ain’t no greazy brere don’t look at me, you might see me stare
Your mum is an easy tear don’t look at me with that CD glare

Don’t try and hide, you’ll die tonight
I’ll blow you up like dynamite
Don’t try and fight, I’ll make your soul float away like flying kites
Don’t believe those lying guys, I’ll poison you with cyanide

Just cry and hide
This world is f#cking darker than the sky at night
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Mr Traumatik Lyrics – Be Quiet [real version]

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Release Year: 2019