Mount Sinai – Fingerprints of the Gods

Mount Sinai Fingerprints of the Gods

Mount Sinai – Fingerprints of the Gods Lyrics

Artist: Mount Sinai
Song: Fingerprints of the Gods

I want you to stop
Immortalizing people as gods
Their power over you, in flesh, is imperfect and flawed
Cease your winded wavering

‘Neath the will of a man
Stand up for yourself, you ego
You’re an agent of your own plan
We hear your screamin

From the other end of a dirt road empty
On a tense Monday evenin
Though you think no one is listening
Man is not God of his house

Within cannot withstand without
Beggars and kings may enter
With a crowbar and a couple of rounds
Oh baby

Glass half empty way too often
The king will drink his wine
From his tax-paid goblet
Glass at half says thе jack

With a nefarious smirk
And fingers crossed bеhind his back
A robe reaches the floor
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Mount Sinai Lyrics – Fingerprints of the Gods

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Release Year: 2023