MONDO GROSSO – Life Without Spring

MONDO GROSSO Life Without Spring

MONDO GROSSO – Life Without Spring Lyrics

Song: Life Without Spring

I used to believe in all kind of things
I used to think that for every spring there’d be an honest king
Not just stealing, singing, misleading or becoming
Someone that’s just here for entertaining

Powers are misused as they abuse
There’s no excuse for such bad news
As i sit down on the eve of another century
I don’t try to hear the bull they try to tell me

Those in power arе replaceable, but chеck the replacement
Day after day there’s no improvement
Obstructing is a must, but destruction wins
It’s a big inspiration for those who sin

And it’s easier to blow up than build up, you wanna give up
You take a step off, that’s fake like makeup
Ain’t got no time to see who’s kicked next
Because the future is just a negative x

Here it is, it is a world premiere
So open up your ears and listen clear
You got snakes on the corners, snakes on the streets
A lot of fake friends and a load of fake peeps

They like to stare
But when you look, they look the other way
I walk the pavement
I duck not to get struck by a stray

There goes my army, awaiting the ceremony
To overthrow all the people abusing we
I got love, but kindness, it’s taken for weakness
Peep this, i speak this for all the street kids

Space i create when i penetrate
I stimulate my brain while i ride the train and escape
Reality, dreaming deeply, thinking
How would it be if i were to be?

Could you imagine? slamming brakes makes me wait
I hope one of these days we can all celebrate freedom
Why they try to tell us that we wrong
When we sing a happy song, or when we sing a sad song, man?

These are our feelings we put on tape
And if you don’t like our words you can relocate
Ti imagínate si todo fuera diferente
Soy el presidente, que canten mi gente

{?} lo mejor, caliente como el sol
Para mis pais y para mundo completo
My flow’s on cruise control
Packed with blues and soul

Packed with blues and soul to end the famine
My flow’s on cruise control
Packed with blues and soul
I hope for one of these days like {?}

Back in the day everything seemed fine
That’s sometimes what i thought every time i’d find
Cracks in the system, now the more i listen, and search
I just realise how many experts

Manage causing damage while protecting their image
They got privilege, manipulate language
It seemed all good way back
’cause as a young kid i didn’t know fiction from fact

But as i grew up, i learned to analyse the situation
And now there’s more frustration
Sometimes you really wonder how come
The more you’re learnin’ the more you’re burnin’

You’re burnin’ like a match
Until there’s no trust left
Whatever they say, i’m unimpressed
Ayo, i’m still hopin’ for the very best

But i can’t have faith in what’s against progress
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MONDO GROSSO Lyrics – Life Without Spring

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Release Year: 1995

Mondo Grosso - Life Without Spring