MOL$ – Reload

MOL$ Reload

MOL$ – Reload Lyrics

Artist: MOL$
Song: Reload

Ay shoutout Shem
Yeah yeah yeah

Die! Again!
Drain your body take your heart
Don’t know where the f#ck to start

Bleach Star I know I’ll go far
Bleach Hotel it’s for the stars
When you wish upon a star
Pray that I won’t fall apart

All this voices in my head telling me that I’m the problem
f#ck that sh#t I know I’m awesome
Wind up dead if you cross ’em
Take this sh#t for granted you won’t care until you’ve lost them

Where did all ya fans go man I guess that I just lost them couldn’t keep their interest unless I was talking nonsense
Overtime I realized that I was playing offense
Keep that knife up in ma pants cuz lately I’ve been feeling cautious
Bro cut your losses

You ain’t going back
Take your Prozac
You’ve fallen off no coming back
This the part where you think that I’m joking bro

All my teacher asked me what I think ima do till I’m old
If I didn’t put my all into this music I’d be f#cking broke
Keep on talking
Like I’m Sematary I’m gon’ Reload

Yeah I’m Reloading
c#ck that pistol and hit you twice on the neck
Bleach Hotel

Bleach Star Shawty
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MOL$ Lyrics – Reload

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Release Year: 2023