MKraycee – I Only Love

MKraycee I Only Love

MKraycee – I Only Love Lyrics

Artist: MKraycee
Song: I Only Love

What!? What!? What!?

Yeah, once again
Woah, woah, oh

Yeah, bounce, bounce
Bounce, bounce, ready?
Yeah, what? Yeah, get it?
Let’s go!

Yeah, I don’t like diamonds, girls (I don’t love them)
I only love my money (My money)
I only love my bed (My bed)
I only love my girl (My girl)

I don’t love anyone else (No one else)
That is all I love (All I love)
Nothing’s gonna come up, woah, yeah
b#tches keeps commenting on my comment section (Commenting!)

They keep f#cking asking the same stupid questions (Questions, questions)
I don’t finna answer them, change your stupid intensions (Intentions)
I got millions and thousands of legendary suggestions (‘tions)
That will give you the motherf#ckin’ best lessons (Lessons, lessons)

I avoid any eye contact for I don’t want any conversations (Conversations)
Them talks be about my money, collections
I hate it
My room has a big section

You know what?
Been talking sh#t about me

For the last few months
Talking sh#t is all you do! (Talking sh#t is all you do)
Whatchu gonna do?
If I give you number two? (Number two)

Imma take the number one spot (Number one spot)
I’ll make sure you ain’t gonna ta-ke that (Take that!)
What else will I finna do? (Finna do)
I messed up a thing or the number two (Number two)

I keep repeating my rhymes (Rhymes)
That’s okay, I still have a lot of dimes. (A lot of dimes)
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MKraycee Lyrics – I Only Love

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Release Year: 2023