Mia Rio – What Kind of Love

Mia Rio What Kind of Love

Mia Rio – What Kind of Love Lyrics

Artist: Mia Rio
Song: What Kind of Love

Here I am
You said you’d hear if I cry out
Here I am
Shouting your name from the rooftops

Lord, here I am
Take me
Take it all
I wanna spend

All of my days where I can live
For your sake
Blessing and honoring your name
So here I am

Take me
Take it all
Once and for all
You have left my sins behind me

One man for all
Lord, you gave me life losing yours
Death and life are in your hands
You can save a wretched man

Once and for all
I give in
What kind of love, Lord, is this
That you would set me free

There is no better love
Than this
Your love is Holy
You are holy

No one loves me like you do (3x)
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Mia Rio Lyrics – What Kind of Love

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Release Year: 2023